Alaska Scottish RiteCare Foundation

a 501 (c)3 Tax Deductible Charitable Contribution
Tax ID # Tax ID # 92-0110302

Physical Address:
518 East 14th Avenue # 5
Anchorage AK 99501

Mailing Address for Fundraising:
Plaque & Certificate Program
518 East 14th Avenue # 3
Anchorage AK 99501

Mission Statement of the State Foundation:

  1. To provide clinical support to children with language disorders and their families.
  2. To create educational programs relating to childhood language disorders for the benefit of effected individuals, and for the education of the general public.
  3. To support research programs in their effort to solve the problems associated with childhood language disorders.

Dear Friend:

The Alaska Scottish RiteCare Foundation has been Incorporated in Alaska; and helping children with communication problems, since August 1983. This effort; in past years; was paid for by the dedicated work of many Scottish Rite Masons throughout the state. For decades their presence at Fair Booths, Festivals and Golf Tournaments statewide have kept these efforts growing, and involving many more people. Last year the Alaska Scottish RiteCare Foundation paid $82,000 in direct care for children in Alaska.

How was this need to assist children with Language Disorders discovered?
In the early 50’s in Colorado, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, initiated a program to assist children with speech and language disorders. The results led to the establishment of the “RiteCare Scottish Rite Childhood Language Program” (SRCLP) clinics, to provide diagnostic evaluation and treatment of speech and language disorders and learning disabilities.

How does the Alaska Scottish RiteCare Foundation work?
We have (3) three clinics treating children in Alaska; Anchorage Clinic, Fairbanks Clinic a/k/a Frances Coghill Clinic and our Southeast Alaska Clinic (Juneau). Each clinic is staffed by a speech and language pathologist and other trained workers.

How can children be evaluated for care through Alaska Scottish RiteCare Foundation?
We accept children who have difficulty speaking or understanding the spoken word or school-age who have difficulty learning to read. All services are available regardless of gender, race, creed, religion, Masonic Affiliation or the families ability to pay.

How can I help with this effort for Alaska Scottish RiteCare Foundation?
Make a Charitable Contribution to the Alaska Scottish RiteCare Foundation and receive a “Plaque” & “Certificate of Appreciation”, to show you support and spread the good news.

We are calling people statewide to raise awareness and financial support through a “Plaque” & “Certificate of Appreciation Campaign”. This campaign is designed to make direct contact with the “Alaska Community” and answer questions about local concerns and involvement. Together we hope this approach will be of great benefit to everyone.

Remember the children; who might have remained educationally behind for a lifetime can now talk, read and lead productive lives. Tens of thousands of youngsters are across the United States have been helped significantly, including hundreds throughout Alaska.

-Illustrious David Worel, 33rd. Degree
Deputy of the Supreme Council in Alaska

PS: Although last year was our first time calling upon Alaskans for help; this campaign was very successful, and netted over $20,000 for our children. We distributed over 400 “Plaques or Certificates of Appreciation” with our “Mission Statement” on them. We hope you will help us to continue this important work for children in Alaska!